My workout progress

Thank you all for joining my site and for all your comments. For all those, who were wandering how is my workout going, I'm placing here a little picture just to give you a proof that patience and consistency pay off.

Not only my butt is tighter, as you can see on the photo, but my breasts don't look so flat any more because my pectoral muscles have grown. All thanks to my exercises. It has been hard to stick to the routine. I wasn't always in the mood. But I kept thinking about the summer and the shape I want to have. I knew that only through hard work I could achieve my dream.
And now I can say it was worth it. It's just 45 minutes three times a week. It's not that bad. I'm happy with my body so far but I'm still getting there. I will take more pictures after maybe another month for you to see.
I know you girls can do it. It's hard at the biginning, but after a while it becomes a part of a daily routine. I don't think, I just do it.
I wish you all good luck and if you have any questions I'll try to reply as soon as possible.
Maybe you have some better ideas for exercises that could help my butt grow and my breasts to harden. Let me know if you doing any other, maybe better exercises. Or maybe you are eating something that helps muscles grow faster. I wish I could speed this process up somehow.
Anyway, good luck !!!


Musicalhouses said...

That's one hot butt :P Maybe I should get on the routine too, my butt is really saggy :P I do go running, but it doesn't really help to tone specific areas..It's more for general cardiovascular fitness..

Clelia said...

I know i can do it, but as you write the beginning is so tough .

Anyway, I want to start cycling in the morning, it seems to work.

Nice blog


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