Worst hair treatment ever

It was nearly 3 years ago when I had my perm done. And perm, ladies, is one thing you should never do to your hair. Of course all of my friends were telling me I will damage my hair completely, but I had to try it. My hair is dull strait and I've always dreamt of long waves. But, of course, my friends were right. Not mentioning how much I paid for it, the hairdresser messed something up and some of my hair were half strait. And instead of loose waves she did tight curls. At the top of that it was my birthday and I had planned all evening. So you can imagine how devastated I was seeing the results in the mirror. I wasn't even trying to hide my huge dissapointment when the hairdresser asked me if I liked it. And that was just the beginning of my birthday disaster.
Now I'm trying to bring my hair back to life. I found great conditioner Aussie 3 minute miracle Reconstructor which helped my hair to stop falling out so much. Now I like the effect because only the ends still remain curly and it looks very pretty, but I'd never dare to do it again. Besides, recently I got myself a curling iron and my favourite wavy hair extensions and they do the job.
No matter how much you hate your hair and how desperate you are to do something about it, DO NOT EVER think about perm. It will destroy your hair and by that lower your confidence.

Silver Smokey Eye

Here it is. My first video tutorial. Please be kind with your comments. I've never done this before and will be glad if you told me what you think. I could use some advice too. Thank you. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Changed design

I didn't write for so long due to some technical difficulties. And I was forced to change my blog design. I just loved my previous template, but it looked terrible when using Internet Explorer. I use Mozilla Firefox, and I found out about the problems only a couple of days ago. As soon as I saw it I felt so bad, knowing that you guys saw my blog in this condition. It was a total mess! Sorry again. I'll try to find a way to fix it.But for now I have to stick to this one.

Preps continued

I'm so excited! I was trying different make-up and now I'm confused. Help!!! One of my friends said my make-up should match my dress. So I tried a dark pink eye and now it matches my dress. But isn't it too pinky? Gosh, I wish I've never tried it. The big day is only tomorrow, and I'm hesitating. What do you think?

New Year preps

I've been looking forward to this for so long. I bought my dress ages ago in my favourite Jane Norman. I've also been preparing my new year's look. I decided to share it with you:) So here is my dress:

And this is my look, silver smokey eye:

The makeup is much stronger than what you can see on the pictures. I guess my camera isn't good enough.

White Christmas!

Can you believe it's actually snowing in UK? I love snow! Who doesn't? It's so unusual to have snow this time of year here where I live. But here we are, in 2009, and the effects of global worming are noticeable.
Digg up your worm hat and scarf and enjoy this pretty gift of nature.
Please let it stay till Christmas!!!

Good Make-up prducts

There is so many brands on the market selling make-up products. Some of them are more popular than others. Very important is to remember, that some of them do good foundations but very poor nail polishes. So I decided to make a note of my favourite products and the brand which do them best. Here they are:
  • Nail polish - Revlon
  • Foundation: for everyday use - Maybelline; for a night out - MaxFactor 
  • Concealer - well, this is the thing you can save on, I use the cheapest brand I found in Superdrug-2true
  • Lipgloss - Maybelline
  • Lipstick - M.A.C.
  • Powder - Maybelline
  • Mascara - MaxFactor
  • Lipliner - Rimmel (but it depends on the shade you're looking for)
  • Eyeshadow - M.A.C.
  • Blush - Maybelline
Let me know what do you think about it and which are your favourite brands.
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The thing I like the most this month

This month my new hair extensions are definitely a winner. I've always wanted to get them and as soon as I saw the commercial I knew I had to buy them. Then I read some bad reviews and saw few videos on YouTube with girls complaining. The biggest issue with these extensions is the colour shade. It's very difficult to find the right one for your hair especially if your hair do not have highlights or lowlights in them. But I decided it's worth to risk. And I was right. I bought mine for £40 so it's about half price. I was hesitating before I finally choose 23'' Wavy in Sandy blonde.

Only 8 days till Christmas and I still don't have any presents or even any idea what am I going to buy!!! Help!
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