Today's Frosty make-up

It’s so beautiful outside! Snow is everywhere so today I decided to try new winter look. You can try it yourself no matter if you’re blonde or brunette or a redhead. It’s simple and will take you only 5 minutes of your time.
The perfect foundation for a winter make-up for me is MaxFactor Lasting Performence in Fair. If your skin is darker, try to use the lightest shade you can pull off.
Concealer is very important step because you want your face to look pure without any blemishes. So apply your concealer under your eye and on the lid, around your nose and on this parts of your face you’re most concern about.
If I use a very fair foundation, I apply it also on my lips instead of a concealer. Than I use Pretty Please lipstick by MAC for the frosty finish and it looks very define when you apply it on your lips with a fair foundation.
Next I move on to eyes. For this look you will need only one eyeshadow. I think the best for this part is Crystal Avalanche by MAC. It’s a beautiful pearly white.
For my eyelashes I use MaxFactor False Lashe Efect mascara. I don’t use any eyeliner for this look, but I apply couple of layers of my mascara.
The last step is blush: Pink Rose by Rimmel.
A little tip: this time try applying the blush under your cheek bone. It looks really pretty and it makes a huge difference.
The fragrance I think matches this look perfectly is Love by Body Shop.
That’s it! Now you are all ready to go and enjoy the snow.


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