Worst hair treatment ever

It was nearly 3 years ago when I had my perm done. And perm, ladies, is one thing you should never do to your hair. Of course all of my friends were telling me I will damage my hair completely, but I had to try it. My hair is dull strait and I've always dreamt of long waves. But, of course, my friends were right. Not mentioning how much I paid for it, the hairdresser messed something up and some of my hair were half strait. And instead of loose waves she did tight curls. At the top of that it was my birthday and I had planned all evening. So you can imagine how devastated I was seeing the results in the mirror. I wasn't even trying to hide my huge dissapointment when the hairdresser asked me if I liked it. And that was just the beginning of my birthday disaster.
Now I'm trying to bring my hair back to life. I found great conditioner Aussie 3 minute miracle Reconstructor which helped my hair to stop falling out so much. Now I like the effect because only the ends still remain curly and it looks very pretty, but I'd never dare to do it again. Besides, recently I got myself a curling iron and my favourite wavy hair extensions and they do the job.
No matter how much you hate your hair and how desperate you are to do something about it, DO NOT EVER think about perm. It will destroy your hair and by that lower your confidence.



Oh my!!! We have the "same exact opposite problem". My hair is curl ( not the big loose curls,but they were fine) but I then I had the "briliant idea" to have it "relaxed" (that is how we say in Brazil - to make the curls loose), at the beginning it was awesome, but when the hair started growing and I started trimming it, the nightmare began.It got no shape, a mix of straight with curly. So, I decided to let it grow naturally and trim every 3 or 4 months. I will tell you it was really difficult for me to deal with my hair. This week, I got a completely make over, had half of my hair cut, it is kind of on the shoulders (it was in the middle of my back), and I am extremely happy with it. I got rid of all the damaged hair and I have a natural and healthy hair again. From now on, just good treatments, that is all our hair needs :) :)

Anonymous said...

I had a loose perm done about 3 years ago too. The first two times it turned out amazing, all lovely, bouncy waves. The third time I went back was awful, a mixture of frizzy hair and dried-out straight hair. Then my hair started breaking off so in the end I went for the chop. Thankfully my hair is back to normal again now but I would never go for a perm again ... no matter how much I miss those bouncy waves.

ThingsILikeTheMost said...

Thank you for your comments, girls:)

daisymay said...

I have really limp straight hair too, so about 2 years ago I had it permed against my mothers wishes! I had to leave the lotion in longer than usually as we (my mother and me) have ridiculously strange hair (it doesn't take coulourings well and hers didn't take a perm well years ago) I wanted a loose perm too, but it didn't really work that well and it ended up with tight curls. Luckily I liked it. But I hate the up keep on hair and actually found that if I dried my hair them brushed them out (which they tell you not to do) I loved the 80's perm vibe I got from it, all wavy. Although I have since been growing it out for my wedding, only about 2 inches left at the bottom. Problem is it also slightly stripped the colour so the last 2 inches is much lighter and very knotty all the time, but alas it is all a learning curve. See my pic here http://daisymay-dayz.blogspot.com/2009/12/what-this-year-brought-what-next-year.html

Hope it all turns out ok

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