Good Make-up prducts

There is so many brands on the market selling make-up products. Some of them are more popular than others. Very important is to remember, that some of them do good foundations but very poor nail polishes. So I decided to make a note of my favourite products and the brand which do them best. Here they are:
  • Nail polish - Revlon
  • Foundation: for everyday use - Maybelline; for a night out - MaxFactor 
  • Concealer - well, this is the thing you can save on, I use the cheapest brand I found in Superdrug-2true
  • Lipgloss - Maybelline
  • Lipstick - M.A.C.
  • Powder - Maybelline
  • Mascara - MaxFactor
  • Lipliner - Rimmel (but it depends on the shade you're looking for)
  • Eyeshadow - M.A.C.
  • Blush - Maybelline
Let me know what do you think about it and which are your favourite brands.
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Charlotte said...

I think BarryM are shit hot for nail polishes and lipsticks, although Id love to try a MAC one :).
I agree with you with the MAC eyeshadows, they do seem the best.

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