The thing I like the most this month

This month my new hair extensions are definitely a winner. I've always wanted to get them and as soon as I saw the commercial I knew I had to buy them. Then I read some bad reviews and saw few videos on YouTube with girls complaining. The biggest issue with these extensions is the colour shade. It's very difficult to find the right one for your hair especially if your hair do not have highlights or lowlights in them. But I decided it's worth to risk. And I was right. I bought mine for £40 so it's about half price. I was hesitating before I finally choose 23'' Wavy in Sandy blonde.


glamgirl said...

where did you get it that cheap?! love it!!!

josephina said...

do you do video tutorials at all? can you do one how to put this extensions on? cheers

ann said...

hi ya!!!
where did you get this one? i just love it

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